Buckle Up in Your Audi!

So, You've got yourself a set of wheels and you're heading out for the day. You could be going to work, school, a ball game, or a friend’s house. One thing all of these places have in common, is that you need to get there, and you need to get there safely. Here are some tips that will help you stay safe as you head towards your destination:

Obey speed limits - Often times we get a little carried away, and we begin to speed up, making it more difficult to keep track of what is going on around you.

Check signals - Check your turn signals, hazard indicators, and brake lights, make sure you're letting people around you know what you're doing.

Wear your seat belt - What we don't realize sometimes is that if we get into an accident at a relatively fast speed, the vehicle may stop suddenly, but you and everything else in the vehicle are still traveling at that rate of speed. Your seat belt will help to prevent you from getting injured.

If you notice any signs that your vehicle may have an issue starting, call us at Audi Cape Fear in Wilmington, NC, and we can help your vehicle get back into safe condition.

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