Unparalleled Service and Top-Notch Inventory at Audi Cape Fear


When it comes to exceptional customer service, financing, new and used inventory, and servicing, you would be hard pressed to find another dealership that is as dedicated to your experience and satisfaction as us. We not only want to find you the perfect vehicle and to rely on our Audi-trained technicians for maintenance, but we want you to feel confident in your decision to do business with us.

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How Much Can Your New Audi Q5 and Q7 Tow in Wilmington? More Than You Expect!

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Looking to tow the family boat or set of jet skis around the Wilmington area? Well you can tow almost anything with your new Audi Q5 and Q7.

Tips for Towing A Boat With Your Audi

  • Know your maximum towing capacity for your Audi. 4,440 pounds for the 2018 Audi Q5 and 7,700-pounds for the 2018 Audi Q7, when well equipped.
  • Know the trailer weight and weight of your boat, even when it's full of belongings.
  • Give yourself and your Audi extra time when braking as it will take longer to stop with a trailer behind you…
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All-New Audi Q8; A New Class of Premium SUV

Key Features of the Audi Q8

  • Technology
    Featuring the latest MMI operating system, the Q8 delivers a variety of functions at the tip of your fingers for infotainment.
  • Performance
    Standard with quattro all-wheel drive, the Audi Q8 provides capability and driving confidence.
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An All-New Audi SUV to Get You Places, Right Here in Wilmington!

Spring is almost here which means that, for many of you, it might be time to consider trading in your old SUV for a brand new one. So, come make the switch to an Audi and see why so many people choose an Audi SUV to take them down that Road of Life that lies ahead. 


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Free Pickup and Delivery Service at Audi Cape Fear

At Audi Cape Fear, not only will you find an impressive collection of new and pre-owned Audi models, but you will also be able to take advantage of our courtesy vehicle pickup and delivery service. That’s right! When your dealership purchased model needs scheduled routine maintenance, you will be able to enjoy Audi factory certified service without worrying about dropping off or picking up your vehicle.

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Overlooked Maintenance Could Be Impairing Your Vehicle Performance and Air Quality

In order to keep up with your maintenance, you also want to remain informed with the most helpful information. Audi Cape Fear wanted to share information with you that is not typically spoken about when vehicle maintenance is considered.

Cabin and engine air filters are often overlooked during maintenance, and they both are vital to you and your vehicle.

These filters help to restrict harmful pollutants from getting into areas where they’re destructive. The cabin air filter helps to keep the interior of your vehicle less-pollutant, while the engine air filter helps to keep harmful...
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What Do Motor Oil Viscosity Ratings Mean?

Recognizing what the markings on a bottle of oil means and following the manufacturer’s guidelines will help with the maintenance of your vehicle. Viscosity is often used in reference to the motor oil and its weight. Viscosity and weight both mean the thickness of the liquid, which is oil here. An oil that has a viscosity that’s too low, can’t lubricate the engine’s parts well enough. A viscosity that too high, or thick, overworks the engine.

Looking at a multi-grade bottle of oil, you’ll notice two numbers separated by a W. The first number tells…

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Do You Know What Horsepower Means?

When buying a vehicle, most of us want to know how much power it possesses and ask about its horsepower. This is especially true when someone is interested in pulling a loaded trailer or recreational vehicle behind it frequently. It is also important to those who are interested in speed and the ability to accelerate quickly. However, not everyone understands how this measurement came into existence or to what it refers.

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Keep Your Headlights Bright

You may not think that your headlights need maintenance, but they do. They need to be kept clean, and you should take a few minutes to inspect them from time to time to ensure that they are in good shape.

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Seasonal Maintenance Keeps Your Car Running Year Round

If you live in an area where you get a large amount of rain, sleet, snow or anything else that could cause your vehicle to not run right year-round, you will need to perform seasonal maintenance. Fortunately, our service staff at Audi Cape Fear can work to maintain the long-term success of your vehicle.

Seasonal Maintenance Milestones For Your Vehicle

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